Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Back in The Bog.

I'm Back!! No time to waste. 
After a month of being away from my new found home I have finally gone back to continue on my mission. The month home was really blessed and being away from home really helped me appreciate some of the finer things. With all that said I didn't once stop thinking about my plans for what I'm going to do my second time around. I knew it would be different, well it had to be since my complete approach had changed to living in Colombia. When I first realised I was going to be in Colombia my first thoughts were things like, Is it really as Dangerous as they say?, Can I survive without knowing Spanish? and Can I live outside of my comfort zone, Canada? Well now those questions have been answered and someone like me wouldn't go back unless I was planning on doing something different with my approach.
Plotting on the city takeover.

I'm writing this almost a week after I arrived and I still have the ear-to-ear smile going every time I step out onto the street, even after being attacked by Skinheads! For the passed week while I look for an apartment of my own I have been staying in a North House Hostel that's located in the Bogotan equivalent to Granville St in Vancouver, only out here its a whole neighbourhood. This was one of the best decisions I made because since I'm such a homebody if it were up to me I wouldn't leave the house much. Staying in this hostel I not only met some cool people, but I was also motivated to go see the touristy things in Bogota that I couldn't seem to get done in the 5 months I was here before. These include the must-see places like Plaza Bolivar, La Candelaria and of course I had to go back up Monserrate again. La Candelaria is the historic, touristic place to visit in Bogota and Plaza Bolivar is a Huge square located in the middle of the historic district. A week or so before the mayor of Bogota was kicked out of office by the Anti-corruption tsar for abusing the office in a garbage collection dispute. A lot of people in Bogota thought that was unjust and as a result the main square in Bogota is now home of a friendly a protest which has almost a hundred residence taking to the square in tents to "occupy Plaza Bolivar." The protesters were nothing but friendly and they took us on a little tour of their tent town while explaining why they were out there. It was beautiful to see Adults, Kids and Animals alike coming together using friendly means to spread a message.
This is Bogota. Beautiful Monuments covered in Graffiti. And Of course the Mountain Dropback

You take the good with the bad, these artists are so creative.

Showtime In Plaza Bolivar.

Live music is never far in Colombia.
Inside Tentcity. The other side of Plaza Bolivar
Bruh, I told you, I don't speak spanish.
The Tree Of Life

Inshallah this is going to be my last semester of school! I am currently enrolled in my last 2 econ classes required for my degree.. the catch is they are completely in Spanish. It will definitely be interesting to see how those turn out. The vibes on campus are so lifting. Every time I come to campus and see the wide open well kept fields I get filled with energy, and I can feel my Seratonin levels surge to intoxicated levels. Not to mention those paths between those well kept fields act as run-ways to all the beautiful, well dressed Colombian females.
Campus bridge views.

These "clouds" inspire me everyday. 

While walking alone on campus today I came to realise how my experience with women in Colombia have resembled my experience with fruits. When I go to the market(aka school, mall, bus, street) to get fruits I have no clue where to start. As I walk around I become almost overwhelmed with the selection, coming in shapes and sizes I have never seen before. I continue looking around and realise I'm not even looking to get fruit anymore, but I have been reduced to a state of strictly spectating and being mesmerised by whats in front me. I soon after leave empty handed. I guess the paradox of choice was right.
Getting come advice over some vegetarian cuisine

For some reason my video uploads are not working so I will update this section with the video when it starts functioning again. 

Jah Bless
Jah Guide
Jah Rule

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  1. Great to read a blog of yours again Akeem. Sounds like you are making the most of your experience and best of luck with your econ classes in spanish.